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Services and Rates

Services and Rates

Website Development and Hosting

Basic Website and Hosting

Basic Website:-

 •  8 - 14 basic content pages
 •  1 contact form
 •  basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


 •  20mb Disc Server Space
 •  150mb Mail Server Space
 •  2 emails
 •  500mb download

Estimated Budget Range: AUD$1200 - AUD$1500

Hosting - with Maintenance Schedule: AUD$185 per year

Complimentary FREE Associate AML-AM Business Profile Page and Directory Listing


Masina Miller Jazz Singer Perth

Standard Website and Hosting

Standard Business Website:-

 •  15 - 20 regular content pages
 •  up to 3 forms
 •  Standard Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


 •  100mb Disc Server Space
 •  500mb Mail Server Space
 •  10 emails
 •  1gb download

Estimated Budget Range: AUD$1800 - AUD$2500

Hosting - with Maintenance Schedule: AUD$245 per year

Complimentary KEY Associate AML-AM Business Profile Page and Directory Listing


Brisbane Sandstone

Premium Website and Hosting

Premium Business Websites:-

 •  21 plus regular content pages
 •  multiple forms
 •  larger graphics allowance - more photos and galleries
 •  allowance for e-Commerce Shopping option:
        - set-up and product listings extra
 •  option for MSSQL Database extra
 •  Premium Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


 •  1gb Disc Server Space
 •  2gb Mail Server Space
 •  20 emails
 •  10gb download

Estimated Budget Range: AUD$3000 upwards

Hosting - with Maintenance Schedule: AUD$325 per year

Complimentary Corporate Associate AML-AM Business Profile Page and Directory Listing


Kimberley Sandstone Products Sydney

Mobile App: Responsive Website Design

Mobile version of website:-
 •  5 pages
 •  Phone and Email Buttons for Instant Contact

 •  Hosted on main websites server space

Basic Price: AUD$450 [approx $100 per extra pages]


Australia My Land Mobile App Website

Website [Domain] Park Hosting

No Content (no emails etc)

For hosting a domain and forwarding the address to another website. For example you may have a website named and wish to also utilise the name or others as well. To be able to utilise these names each must still be hosted and our basic rate allows this to be achieved with little cost and effort.

This option is for hosting a domain only redirected to another domain website.

 •  no emails

Hosting: AUD$125 per year

• Website Allowances do not guarantee all listed contents; dependent on proportion of content.

• Hosting Allowances are general indications to pricing structure only - these are not limits.

• Individual allocations and pricing may be subject to change according to needs and use.


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