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Lyle Stacpoole BA - LasTrade Lyle was first introduced to the 'idea' of the internet while working as a paint rep in 1990. In a discussion with former CBS R and A Manager Ross Williams he was told of a wonderous new concept called the 'internet' with which he could promote his music. He first put his own music website online just 6 years later and has been online ever since.

Lyle has been developing his Information Technology (IT) skills now for over twenty years since 1996 and has been marketing and selling products since he was 17. He qualified for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2007 at The University of New England with 'majors' in Music and in Communications Studies and more recently confirmed his experience and qualifications in marketing with a Diploma of Marketing in 2016/2017.

Lyle has many years experience in business management, sales and training, computer programs and databases, website development, and even has experience in the recording studio. Lyle's first venture onto the internet was to put up his own website featuring his original music and his interest in building websites grew from there.

You can hear some of the 'generally unfinished' recordings at

Having already achieved qualifications in the building industry as carpenter, plasterer and painter as well as running his own business, Lyle is qualified to help new businesses, especially musicians, to set up their own business. Other qualifications in Training and Business Management as well as experience in the banking industry means he can help new entrepeneurs put in place a business plan, including website and online marketing plan, marketing material, book-keeping procedures and even publishing and recording strategies.

"I like travelling and in early 2011 covered over 12,000 kms in 10 weeks - 18 actual days on the road - culminating in my move to Western Australia. I have put together some slideshows. I am a professional web builder but NOT a photographer (or slideshow producer!!). Nevertheless it is a great set of memories so please visit and click on the relevant links to enjoy. All the music is original unmastered tracks written by 'the perpendicluar pronoun'."


More recently as Project Development Manager at Australia My Land Lyle has aquired a more professional camera and while still learning the craft has put together slideshows for that project.


Land of Wild Colour: Australian Wildflowers

Stacpoole Music and Internet (LasTrade) has over 40 years experience in various business ventures, marketing and sales and music industry activity. Web development is not just about building great looking websites, it is about advertising and marketing a businesses products and services online with real initiatives, performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and client friendly websites.

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